08/2012 - 01/2013 Red Fenix LLC, 3d Environment Artist - Created
environment art assets for an autism research application.

07/2008 – 07/2009 - Forza Motorsport 3, 3d Art Production Assistant -
contractor for Turn 10 Studio. Worked closely with track leads to
provide feedback to vendors regarding environment QA and track art
assets. Create environment art assets for the game. Create help
documents for production software. Test art production software. Work
with the car team in polish phase on final vehicle art assets. Release
date: October 2009

01/2000 - Present - Digital - 2D Artist Independent Contractor -
Create unique branding and logos for an eco friendly sock
line, musician album artwork, and various business logos. Create
concept art for presentation in fund raising for projects and business

09/2001 - 02/2002 - Pendragon Pictures - Special Effects Costuming
Assistant - Concept art, sculpting, painting, body casting, and
special effects makeup application. Design, fabrication and
maintenance of robot costumes for the lead character and several
supporting characters in the production of the film Chrome.

01/1999 - 12/2003 - Candles of the Future - Owner - Design and
production of unique handmade candles sold at Pike Place Market in
Seattle. Innovative molds were developed using film canisters and
heavy equipment gears for unparalleled styles. Responsible for all
administrative duties.


Digipen Institute of Technology - Associate of Applied Arts in 3-D Computer Animation. May 2006.



Phone: 206-940-9237